Sunday, April 20, 2014

Did I scored YSL Rouge pur Couture 52 (or maybe not.......)

Thanks to K-drama, You Who Came From The Stars, there has been a world-wide hoarding situation for YSL Rouge pur Couture in 52 Rosy Coral. What's the hype about? Check this out.

Honestly, the male lead, Kim Soo-Hyun got more attention from me than the lipstick that Jun Ji-Hyun was wearing.......

So what's the hype about YSL Rouge pur Couture 52? 

Ok, fine. Maybe it made her lips more sexy and kissable, but seriously, what's the hype? Haha. I chanced upon this encounter at a YSL counter whereby a middle-age lady come over and asked 'where is the lipstick that the korean actress wore in the drama?'. It's like all ladies got striked by lightning and was dying to have this lipstick, WOW! Anyway, a little chirping bird at the YSL counter then told me that there is 2 dupes for this Rouge pur Couture 52, Rouge Voulpte Shine 12 Corail Incandescent and Rouge Volupte 33 Rose Neillia but only Volupte Shine 12 is available (limited stock too) so I got one for myself there and then.

From my earlier post here raving about the formula of YSL Volupte Shine, grabbing 12 Corail Incandescent was a no brainer (except the fact that my lipstick stash is growing at an uncontrollable rate, haha).

Now comes the million dollar question: Is Voulpte Shine 12 a dupe for Rouge pur couture 52? Unfortunately, I do not own a 52 Rosy Coral for me to make a compare but lucky Linda managed to get herself a Rouge pur Couture 52 and did a compare against Tom Ford True Coral lipstick here. So what I would do is to compare YSL Rouge Volupte Shine 12 against Tom Ford True Coral to see how close these 2 shades are and determine if we truly need Rouge pur Couture 52.

So what's the verdict? I say YSL Rouge Volupte Shine 12 is close enough to True Coral with a stronger coral tone than the latter. Anyway, dupe-able or not, I'm sure we will all find that reason to score the legendary Rouge pur Couture 52. :)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Sexy Look Hyaluronic Acid Micro Inject Mask Sheet

Even for ladies with oily or combination skin like myself, I cannot emphasise enough the importance of making sure our skin is hydrated. Yes, you heard me right, even oily skin needs hydration, the RIGHT kind of hydration. On and off, I do get breakout when I noticed my skin is not properly hydrated. This is due to the pores secreting more oil than usual to keep the skin surface hydrated and that's when the problem arises.

Today I would like to introduce my new found love of hydration mask from Sexy Look. It is none other than Sexy Look Hyaluronic Acid Micro Inject Mask Sheet.

Sexy Look Micro Inject Series has a double penetration effect with skin friendly natural fibre and precise ergonomic design. Unique hydronet helps pump up skin to look younger and healthier.

The cotton mask provides complete coverage for my big face and is almost scent less although I do smell a very very faint fruity scent. There are enough essence to refresh and hydrate my skin and not make a mess with dripping essence that I experience with some other brands. You will be happy to know that it's paraben free too.

After removing the mask after 20 minutes of application, my skin feels soft, refreshed and hydrated. This mask is total love!

For ladies who are interested in trying out Sexy Look Hydro Net 360 Micro Inject Mask, they are available over at $3.50 each. To find out more about and the masks available, do join their Facebook page!

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Disclosure: The product in this review is sent by the company for my review and consideration. All opinions stated are my own honest views and no compensation is received for this review.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dream Date with Gucci Made to Measure

I love fairy tales when I was young....fairy tales such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty with their Prince Charming and happily ever after always let girls dream of meeting THAT man. Although I am happily married with THAT man of mine, it does not harm to just dream again, with Gucci Made to Measure.

Gucci has long distinguished itself as a symbol for the world's most stylish individuals. This autumn, Creative Director Frida Giannini has conceived a new fragrance legend in the impeccably sophisticated guise of Gucci Made to Measure for the man who demands the very best.

How do you like your man? Tall, dark, handsome with the flat, 6 packs ab? I like mine to be confident and whose opinions have authority where others naturally defer to his judgement. With that nice italian suit that is obviously made to his measurement, now he needs that masculine scent to give him that distinctive edge.

Made to Measure is a spicy oriental fragrance tailored to make a lasting impression.

The fragrance is constructed like the Made to Measure suit; each accord and ingredient lending texture and structire, creating a whole that is a harmoney of fabrics and details. The aroma combines judiciously selected ingredients from around the world, echoing the sophistication of master tailoring. It is a scent that is specially crafted with the Gucci philosophy of attention to detail - a fragrance that has taken many years and hundreds of iterations to perfect.

Top notes: Calabrian Bergamot, Tunisian Orange Flower, French Lavender, Anis Seed

The first encounter with the fragrance is akin to the look and feel of a handmade suit.
Anis Seed, hand-picked, distilled Tunisian Orange Flower and the best Calabrian Bergamot. The smoothest Provencal Lavender tempers their potency, producing a caressing, soft, yet warm effect on the skin – stylish and comforting as a luxurious silk lining.

Heart notes: Sri Lankan Nutmeg, Water Lily, Juniper Berry, Plum, Cinnamon

The scent’s core is eclectic, lavishly spiced and textured – a beguiling combination fused to idiosyncratic effect. Texture and masculine elegance is achieved with piquant and bracing notes of Juniper Berry. While the rich, tonal enigma of Sri Lankan Nutmeg and succulent Plum replicate the plushness of cashmere.

Ok, now that we have that PERFECT man with the PERFECT fragrance, how should the PERFECT dream date be? I am not too demanding and would be contented with a nice picnic along the beach with a sunset view since I am too lazy to watch sunrise, haha.

Monday, April 14, 2014

YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush in Rose Frivole and Corail Affranchi

I used to dislike cream blushes as I have oily skin but kudos to the new product technology, we are seeing more cream blushes that has moouse or gel like texture and not creamy per se. I super love YSL Creme de Blush so when I saw that YSL has a new cream blush that works for both lips and cheek, that certainly got me curious.

The small glass bottles of YSL Kiss & Blush reminds me of nail polish and it comes with a patented applicator with a hidden pearl that helps to deposit the right amount of product. Unfortunately, I can't appreciate this applicator as I'm not a fan of 'directly applying the product from the applicator and depositing it back into the bottle' so..... Yah... I can't comment if this applicator works as it claims :)

There were a total of 12 shades in this collection and I managed to only choose 2. My choice went to Rose Frivole and Corail Affranchi.

Rose Frivole is a candy fuchsia pink and Corail Affranchi is orangey coral shade. The texture is light (like a gel) and easy to blend. My preferred way of applicator is to deposit the product at the back of my hand and blending the product onto my trusted MAC 188 stippling brush before applying it to my cheeks. It stays on nicely on my cheeks for more than 4 hours. I haven't tried Kiss & Blush as a lip product but Meryl did a post here and Sophia also give her review here, which both are quite informative.

I tried to do a comparison of Rose Frivole and Corail Affranchi against my existing stash of cream blushes and I'm glad that there isn't a dupe for them.

Have you picked up any of YSL Kiss & Blush? Do share with me your favourite shade :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in Golden Goddess

This post is yet another much delayed post of an item which I purchase quite some time back. Sorry that I haven't been able to keep up to speed on my blogging post but I am definitely trying! :)

Today I am sharing my thoughts on Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in Golden Goddess. As it is not available over the counters in Singapore, I purchased mine over Selfridge & Co. for £38 (before shipping charge).

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette for the eyes is housed in a sleek plastic case that has a mirror but no brushes or applicators. It might not be travel friendly if you prefer a palette that has everything all in that you can just grab and go. However, this is hardly an issue for me since I usually travel without any eye makeup.

This is a close up look for the 4 shades in this palette.

Each of the 4 shades serve a different purpose in the application and it's helpful that it is indicated at the back of the box.

Ler's check out the swatch, shall we? :)
From left to right: Prime, Enhance, Pop, Smoke

In terms of texture, Prime and Enhance feels smooth and satiny, which is absolute love for me. Application is such a breeze. Smoke does feel slightly drier in comparison but definitely not difficult to blend when I apply on the outer V of my crease. Pop, with the golden shimmers in it, felt slightly grainy but fallout is not an issue.

Golden Goddess is my first Charlotte Tilbury palette and although I am not blown away by it, I like them better than Chanel palettes where their eyeshadows feel drier in terms of texture.

Have you tried any of Charlotte Tilbury palettes? Any more recommendations? :)

Monday, March 31, 2014

L'oreal Extraordinary Oil (with UV Filter Protection)

Thanks to lovely Meryl of Memoiselle, I got a chance to attend the L'oreal event whereby we were introduced to the new L'oreal Extraordinary Oil with UV Filter Protection. I was excited to see what is different between this version of Extraordinary Oil versus the first generation Extraordinary Oil which comes in the gold coloured pump.

L'oreal Extraordinary Oil with UV Filter contains 6 flower extracts: Flax, Tiare, Rose, Lotus, Chamomile and Matricaria. This really explains why the scent smells so soothing. Coupled with the UV Filter, it helps to moisturise your hair and even protects fading of coloured hair. This really got me excited because I have not seen any hair oil which claims to be able to protect colour of coloured hair.

Compared to the first generation of Extraordinary Oil, I really really much prefer the texture of this new oil. The oil is light and almost felt like water on my palm and when I massaged into my hair ends after a wash, I almost felt nothing on my palm after that.

I have been using L'oreal Extraordinary Oil with UV Filter for the past 1 month in humid Singapore as well as cold, dry Shanghai and I can only say that I LOVE it. Not only does it provide moisture to my coloured, permed hair, it does not weigh down my hair. Most importantly, I do not get breakouts along my jawline (I do get breakout along my jaw where my hair ends touches my skin when using a unsuitable hair oil).

Retailing at $26.90 for 100ml, L'oreal Extraordinary Oil with UV Filter is definitely an affordable product. Most importantly, it works!

Disclosure: The product in this review is sent by the company for my review and consideration. All opinions stated are my own honest views and no compensation is received for this review.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow in Jardin Zen

Today I will be sharing with you my thoughts of one of the items in Chanel Jardin de Camelias Collection. It is none other than the eyeshadow quad in Jardin Zen.

Other than the fact that I am a sucker for purple shade, the embossing on the quad is also catching my attention. I feel kinof sad that by using it, I will be destroying the design, but well.........

I love how Jardin Zen is a versatile quad that gives the girly feminine look and it can also be transformed to give a smoky look.

The texture of Jardin Zen quad is smoother than the usual baked formula and it's a breeze applying and blending these shadows. The black shade is the only exception that feels dryer. However, since we do not use much of it, the issue is manageable.

Other than Jardin Zen quad, I also picked up Rouge Allure in Fleurie (which I have yet to  break into, hahah). Below are the swatches I took of Jardin Zen quad, Rouge Allure in Fleurie and Sakura Blush over the counter.

Have your picked up any items from the Chanel Jardin de Camelias Collection? Do share with me your purchases. :)
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